New Creature From My Closet - The Lord Of The Hat

    We are so happy (and maybe a little afraid) to warn, I mean announce with hearts full of glee that there is a new Creature From My Closet book. The Lord of the Hat is coming in fifteen short days and will be released into the world on Tuesday, October 6th. What's it about you ask?

    Rob Burnside thinks he's getting the hang of things. It almost seems as if he has learned all he needed to from his[...]

    Witherwood Reform School is coming out March 3rd.

    After a slight misunderstanding involving a horrible governess, oatmeal, and a jar of tadpoles, siblings Tobias and Charlotte Eggars find themselves abandoned by their father at the gates of a creepy reform school. Sinister mysteries are afoot at Witherwood, where the grounds are patrolled by vicious creatures after dark and kids are locked [...]

    New Creature From My Closet Book Out Now![...]

    Pillagy out now!